Since 1977 Hawkins Accounting has survived many changes. The first office was located inside the American 1 Federal Credit Union. After many office locations, Hawkins Accounting is permanently located a 2904 Francis Street in Jackson.

In the beginning there was only one owner and employee. Deanna was the tax preparer, receptionist, reviewer and assembler. This was in the era of paper tax returns.

Today all of our returns are e-filed, and we have a staff of 13 employees-- preparers, reviewers, receptionists, assemblers and bookkeepers.

All of our tax preparers attend continuing education classes throughout the year and are fully trained in the current tax law and are able to assist you with your tax planning at age related milestones. All participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program.


Prepare individual taxes, small business taxes, estate and trust tax returns. The business returns that are prepared are:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporations
  • C Corporation
  • Sub Chapter S Corporation
  • Limited Liability Corporation

As a leader in the field of CLERGY TAXES, we work with pastors and church boards to help structure the pastors compensation package.


Handles small businesses with their accounting needs and reporting. The payroll portion of our accounting department handles all of the required federal and state reporting.

Judy Bostedor

Income Tax Processor & Payroll Clerk

Elizabeth Wetzel

Income Tax Preparer - Year Round

Linda Kline

Income Tax Preparer

Theo Nash

Income Tax Preparer

Jill Albert

Income Tax Preparer

Annmarie Wilbon


Ken Bostedor

Income Tax Reviewer

Autumn Clemons

Income Tax Processor